The 4 Cs to Selling your Soul and Destroying the Lives of Others

Every day seems to be this uphill battle. But dammit, I got on really good hiking shoes and gear that’s making the battle less of a struggle. But, it’s a struggle nonetheless. Ok, isn’t the struggle what makes the achievement worthwhile? Yes, but I want it easy sometimes. And I don’t want to struggle all the time. Calm down there Rambo, it’s not that bad. How would you know? I’m living it with you. Be quiet. No, you be quiet. Both of you be quiet!

Welcome to my mind. On 24-7, all.the.time. This is why I haven’t blogged in some time. People trigger me so much, I can’t even rant about them. My level of detecting bullshit is too much for them and me, so I just move on and move along. Until I can’t. So, hey guys, it’s been a while.

I was recently (gently) reprimanded for calling out management for not listening to recommendations I provided and having them set a project I was leading months back. My direct supervisor assured me that it’s no worry and I said the truth. We’re hoping they’ll now listen. Knowing them, I’ve shot myself in the foot by breaking their already fragile egos and I can kiss any recognition or promotion goodbye.

No matter how many times a fragile ego on a power trip tells you to “speak truth to power”, it doesn’t mean it. Especially when your career and future is in their hands. These execs can’t bring themselves to do 360s because it will crush them to know that they got to where they are at all through their cliques, cronyism, corruption, and complacency – I call these “The 4 Cs to Selling your Soul and Destroying the Lives of Others”. The 4 Cs are rampant in the private and public work spheres.

This is how the 4 Cs work – Unless you’re “one of them”, then the first 2 Cs are actually what they call “networking”; the third C is what they deem being a “team player”, and the fourth C is when their own are smart and “not rocking the boat”.

Did I regret my email? Initially yes. Then I thought, well, they don’t want to be held accountable for their lack of action or their wrong actions, so I guess I’m going to rock the hell out of this boat. I don’t know about you guys but if I have an employee with a track record of giving me pretty accurate advice and I keep ignoring it then trying to shut them up, that makes me a pretty sucky boss.

What is it about me that is triggering folks? I’ve seen men (and some women) with barely two functioning brain cells, lauded for their “contributions” and “ideas” when it’s clear as day that ‘Bob’ is just kissing your ass and taking credit where it’s not due. Everyone in the office sees it. Don’t give him that promotion it’s obvious you guys are buddies. Oh shit you gave him the promotion because you don’t give a flipping fuck and there is no real mechanism for people to grieve this form of corruption despite what HR policies stipulate and you need yes-men and women doing your bidding so you can get the next position at the executive level and continue to be the soulless human we’ve all learned to avoid – *DEEP BREATH* – the 4 Cs, got it.

Happy Sunday.

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