I’m so excited to introduce my new logo for my blog. You make the sound from the word “wow” when you pronounce the 27th letter “و” in the Arabic language.

The letter “و” is also the Arabic for the word “and” – I’m Arab and Canadian. I’m a hybrid, implying that I am not just one thing or the other – that there is always an addition to me.”WAW” is also, ironically, the acronym for my site name – Whitewashed Arab Woman – I give full credit to my younger brother who brought this it to my attention. It perfectly represents my East and West culture fusions. Habibi ❤

Notice the way the letters are facing each other. This invokes a lot for me. It looks like they are looking into each other and at each other. The curves of the letters are holding and supporting one another, too. I feel like they understand each other. Too much? Maybe, but at the very least, notice that without the rounded parts of the letters, if we only look at the curves, it looks like a “W”. Again, the sound the letter makes is the beginning of the sound “w” makes.

It’s just perfect East-meets-West.

Finally, the pronunciation of waw is wow. I hope that my blog gives you moments to say “wow”. Like, wow, this shit is really enlightening; or, wow, I can relate to what she’s writing; and finally, wow, this chick is fucken batshit crazy and that’s ok too.

So, I felt this is perfect. It all melded so well together.

Yallah, take care habibis.

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